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Oozing european sex appeal, sleekness and minimalism, Sync mixes homages to drag divas and mainstream pop culture with a slow brooding intensity questioning concepts of deceit, authenticity and belief. Set amongst an alien-like, 80's inspired, androgynous future where everything is clean,stylised and most importantly precise. Sync explores the relationship between synchronisation, language and movement; deconstructing an art form by simultaneously fusing iconography, faith and pop. all boilling down to one question "Do you believe?" 

Sync is 20-minute solo performnace. It is currently being developed using public funds from Arts Council England.


Sync is part deconstruction of the ‘art form’ of lip syncing and part appreciation of the craft of Lip syncing. Lip syncing seems to be growing large popularity in the mainstream culture, TV programmes like RuPauls Drag Race and Lip Sync battles as well as social media apps like ‘Dubsmash’ and ‘acepella’ are adding to this cultural phenomenon.  By lip syncing the entire soundtrack I am displaying the potential skill involved in the craft of lip syncing whilst the content of the soundtrack deconstructs the art form by splitting lip syncing into two sections.

Firstly, language is required, words are required to be able to lip sync, you have to have something to lip sync to. Therefore I developed a section of language acquisition.

Secondly comes movement, the movement of the mouth, lips, tongue and jaw to a particular rhythm of the words being lip synced to; this was explored in the second section by exploring movement through my whole body and interacting with a single form, in my case a fluorescent light.

The third act attempts to bring these elements together whilst establishing the link to popular culture, in particular the Cher song ‘believe’.


First came the interest with Lip syncing. What it does to an audience, we obviously know that it isn’t real yet we suspend our disbelief just enough to find the whole event satisfying.

Then came the concept of lip syncing the entire dialogue of the piece – demonstrating the craft that can be involved and the question of is it even possible??



Sync Script anf Technical requirements:

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