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I am also available as a workshop director particularly focusing on A-Level and university students. These workshops usually deal with encountering and devising solo pieces of contemporary theatre with a particular focus on the construction of image. If you’d like to find out more about my workshops and pricing options please get in touch at


Below is a video of a performance made with first year Contemporary Theatre and Performance students from Manchester Metropolitan University. The workshop had a particular focus on creating images through a sense of play and in a style similar to Spanish theatre company El Conde de Torrifiel.


‘Ryan’s workshop was friendly and fun, really enjoyable, especially as it ended in a performance, I felt I discovered lots of new things’  - Workshop participant


I also work as a theatre technician; Working alongside university theatre technicians as well as my technical involvement in Flare Festival (2014 & 2015) working as a technician and assistant production manager respectively, means I have extensive technical skill and experience. Working as a technician for university projects in Portugal and going on tour as a technician with the renowned Reckless Sleepers piece, The Last Supper have aided my interest and ability in pursuing more theatre technician roles. It has also led me to develop a role of technician/dramaturg, a ‘Technaturg’, if you will. This role allows to me to develop technical assistance with other artists and companies whilst also acting as a dramaturg; assisting research, guidance and direction. The role has developed from making work and experimenting within a university setting, where fellow students often require my technical help and naturally start to question me about the content of their work.  My open but critical nature means I can give appropriate feedback that develops the piece.  If you have any questions about the role of ‘Technaturg’, or any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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