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- ‘I think, therefore I am" DeCartes


- What is the difference between knowledge & knowledge acquisition?

Everyone has the ability TO be an artist & everyone had the ability to research – natural instinct maybe, How do these natural instincts evolve?


- Working from Paul Freyerabend Abundance theories. There is so much abundance in the world it’s impossible to research all things of even to attempt it. ‘understanding a subject means transforming it’ – we never stop. // ?Ai wie wie seed thing?


- We can not research without language. Can we research art without language?


- I feel like science needs structures and frameworks to think inside off, it’s limitations to existing in ‘real word’ environments is crucial. In my practice structures and limitations are important; Lets repeat the exercise but this time without the use of your eyes, lets repeat again without using your feet etc.


- Scientific research as objective is suggested here to be an illusion – maybe it’s subjectivity that makes scientific research a bridge to artistic research


- Define: Scion: a detached living portion of a plant (such as bud or shoot)joined to a stock in grafting and usually supplying solely nutritional parts to a graf. 2.a. descendant, child especially,: a descendant of a wealthy or influential family. B. heir.


- I’m not sure I agree that research is a new phenomenon or the ‘latest’ scion of knowledge. If there was a link to research being born of human nature in some small degree.


- Christopher Frayling: “Research into art” “research for art” “Research through art”. I enjoy the structure of this triangle reaserch into art. It reminds me of shows in which I try to work with music in a triangle structure. It also allows acedics to research alongside artists in these fields.


- Notes on making Concerto with Michael Pinchbeck. When making a project called Concerto with theatre maker and acedemic Michael Pinchbeck we researched heavily into the piano concerto for the left hand by ravel, The origins of the 1st world war, the set-up and rituals of orchestras, the art form of conducting, wittgenstien theory. We made the perfoemance through research of non-artistic fields. The work now holds all of these resercjes in a looser, abstract, subjective form.


- Interesting case study of Sokal here, But if the article got accepted into a journal many people would have read it – even if it was bullshit – it still must have been useful to someone?


- Goethe: the do-er decides


- Scientific research is bound by rules, isolations, controlled experiments. This can't be the case for all areas of artistic research, especially when dealing with the subjective, abstract and purposefully confusing.


- I do not want to put my artistic research on detachment theories through the prism of scientific research. I want to explore want I find interesting and keep going.


- What does “re-search” tout court mean? Tout court: simply, briefly. To re-search, to search again and again. What is the difference between research and searching?

- Patricia Cain: interesting link here between method of copying and method of re-search. The prefix RE meaning to do again, to copy. Academics are always quoting, constantly copying bits of  texts to refence.

- If I were to take Concerto, a project I made with Michael Pinchbeck and view it creatively through this framework it might look something like:

Gathering material (on ravel, WW1, 1 handed piano concerto’s, Paul Wittgenstien, Gavrillo Princip, Maurice Ravel)

Improvising with knowledge of materials

Reflecting on improvisations

Writing text based from improvisation

Compounding text with images

Presenting in front of audience




- Quote from Cloud Atlas: ‘what is an ocean but a multitude of drops’ – David Mitchel

- ‘Knowledge will never be objective because it can only be apprehended through a personal act’. This tension between science research  as objective and art as subjective breaks down here, through looking at knowledge as a whole being Interpreted only through one human experience at a time. I might see a different colour green to the green you see.

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