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My First Freelance Year (and a half).|

1. Setting up as self employed .

Registering as self employed:

Writing an invoice: 

Filling out a tax return:

2. The projects and how I got to be a part of them .


Reckless Sleepers (The Last Supper, Negative Space, Schrödinger)

In Between Time Festival 

Flare Festival 

Living Pictures (Diary of a Madman) 

Workshops: Contact Young Company, Play in a Day, Sync. One2 Festival 

3. Things I've learnt... .


Social Media:

  - Twitter can be a useful tool - set up a professional profile and just follow         theatre stuff, it becomes a feed fun of useful opportunities.

  - Make all social media profiles be coherent (same profile pic, same name etc.)

  - Don't bother with Linkedin 

 -  About Building small blocks that won't seem immediately successful or relevant but will help you years down the line...


  - Use google analytics 

  - What is the intention for your website? 

  - Look at what other peoples websites are like: Reckless, Rachael Clerke 

  - Website is a plant that you must water regularly - it may take years to fruit but it can only fruit with water, time and love. 

About being freelance:

  - Almost impossible to go out straight away and just make a living solely on making and touring your own contemporary theatre... and why would you want to? So many diverse roles: Producing, Teching, Teaching, Marketing, 

  - Theatre is also a visual art form therefore everything I do connected to my theatre work is visually engaging and cohesive. If you look the part people will believe you. 

  - Applications - you will fill out a lot of applications - get to the root of the answer, nice and concise, sound interesting, sell your passion

  - No matter what you do get used to calling yourself a theatre maker

  - You can have a part-time job AND be a freelance theatre-maker 

  - Surround yourself with a good team - my family, my brother, Mole, Kate Perridge, Neil

  - Go see as much as you can!!

  - Most difficult part of being freelance is motivating yourself

  - Best part of being freelance is I get to go to incredible places and i'm actively doing what love and what I'm passionate about 

And I can say I've done this: 

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