My best friend and extreme creative talent Ria Matthews is literally making my dreams come true.

She is adding illustrations to my dreams.


In 2013, I kept a dream journal for a few months. I’ve recently discovered it in a lockdown clear out and let me tell you some of those dreams are wild!

I sent Ria a bizarre dream involving her and she felt compelled to illustrate the madness. After seeing a sneak-peak preview sketch, I felt compelled to share them with you - the internet.  


We decided to call our dream journal blog; Dreams (Can Come True) after we saw Gabrielle live last summer with Ria’s family in a rugby stadium in Gloucester. Gabrielle was a bit shit but her legendary advice through this anthemic pop banger lives on. Dreams can indeed come true and in these strange times, you know you gotta have hope, you know you gotta be strong. 


We are interested in attempting to make a small amount of sense out of the random, often unsettling visions conjured by our subconscious. We won’t be analysing these dreams, just presenting them as bizarre stories in an attempt to gain a small escape from the current bizarre reality. We are also interested by how random people from our past pop up in our dreams. I’m not going to edit these dreams so there are lots of mentions of random people from school, work & socially that I’ve lost touch with or didn’t really speak to in the first place. 

So, small disclaimer; if your name is mentioned in one of the dreams, don’t read too much into it, maybe it’s a chance for us to re-connect! 


We will keep updating the blog every now and then with a new dream. Enjoy!


Words by Ryan.

Drawings by Ria. 


(can come true)

House Party Disappointment Colosseum      19/07/13

I went to one of the famous Matthews family house parties. The next day everyone was mad at me as I had drunk too much. Ria no longer wanted to be my friend. Then, we had to prepare to fight off monsters, with our own monsters in a massive Roman colosseum.