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Feedback Frameworks: 
Venice residency
May 2022 

I found the module the most challenging by far. I had high expectations: 2 weeks in Venice with some of the loveliest people I know - what could possibly sour this experience ? 

The feedback framework itself, that's what. I still dislike it. I dislike the way it is tough, i think it's my biggest criticism of the programme so far. I am incredibly interested in feedback and in particular learning different methods of feeding-back and tailoring my own method that works for me and my research. 

This issue with this module is the fact that we are taught one specific feedback frame work which seeks to remove context from the art with a laborious section known as "description". Literally describing everything using non-emotive language. Once we learnt this feedback, we had two make two performance pieces and then let the group give feedback using the framework. 

This module is actually entitled: Studio Practice and feedback Frameworks but I purposefully omitted 'studio practice' as I feel there was not enough focus on his area. The assessment of this module was basically one long form that took the feedback we had gained and started to tune it to specific directions to further research. This connection to the research was the most useful thing about the feedback framework but I believe this could be achieved with any method of feedback. 

I made two performances.:

Donatella was a lipsync to Vouge's 73 questions with Donatella versacé. I separated the interviewer and Donatellla into two separate tracks that I played across two bluetooth speakers. I led the group around the space of the building whilst lipsyncing. 

The Tour was a performative tour around the island of the residency. I took on the role of a camp tour guide whilst the audience had headphones and listened to random detached thoughts. I left the audience abandoned on a stage as Puccinni's Nessa Dorma played. 

Feedback Framework assessment & grading sheet 

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