Aurora borealis comes in view… A cloud appears above your head… and a beam of light comes shining down, on you. 

Welcome to I_RAN, a solo performance investigating notions of anxiety and the human desire to run away from emotion. Pungent with the euphoric melancholy of electronic music and taking the narrative and stylings of hit song ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’ by 80’s new wave, synth-pop band A Flock of Seagulls, I R AN follows a character as they fall in love with a seagull and struggle to face their feelings. A treadmill, a scrolling LED text bar and a mute performer guide audiences through an unusual world formed with a sharp, mesmeric aesthetic.  

Playful, surreal, and lonely, this is for those who dream of running… of running far away…



I R A N Trailer


Audience feedback 

“an entrance into a wonderful 80’s fantasy world, retro, futuristic & deeply nostalgic”



“Innovative, beautifully imaginative, great music, strong clever performer” 



“Magical, mesmerising, tender. You must see it.” 



“Cutting edge, conceptual, playful, clever”



“Creative, very inventive, interesting to watch and just made me think – what’s going to happen next?”



“Fun, different, well written, engaging until the end.”



“A wonderfully complex meeting of storytelling, imagination, emotion, light, curiosity, euphoria, exploration of the untellable and just mesmerising! I loved it and was so interested.” 

Made with support from Axis Arts Centre, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Camden People's Theatre. 

For further information about   I_RAN   , email Ryanosheatheatre@outlook.com

Special thanks to: Mark Hawkhead, Danny Prosser, Kieran O'Shea, Michael O'Shea, Neil Mackenzie, Axis Arts Centre, Alex Williams, Liz Clarke, Michael Pinchbeck, Ben Atterbury, Bristol Old Vic Ferment and Camden Peoples Theatre