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Ummm Yeah Okay And Book

Ummm Yeah Okay And Book is a tactile partner to the performance Ummm Yeah Okay And? This book is part behind-the-scenes glimpse of the making process of the performance, part poetic musings about the performance and part handbook for fellow performance makers. 

The book takes the form of an ambivalent structure, with two trains of thought simultaneously present, providing a playful opportunity for users to curate their own journey through the book. 

Images are cut off and found fully later, sentences hang suspended like fog. It might not make sense until a few page turns later.

It might be a bit hazy until the end.

And even then…

These are handmade books utilising making methods such as screen printing and riso printing on a variety of different paper types; from thin tracing paper to thick hardboard. The differing opacities and thicknesses of the book materials references the theatrical fog used heavily throughout the performance. 


€30-€60 (sliding scale)

The books are being sold on a sliding scale between 30-60 euros. The idea being that freelance workers or those in precarious financial positions can pay €30. Those who have a salaried pay or who feel comfortable paying more can purchase the book for €60. If somewhere in-between these states, feel free to pay in-between €30-€60.

I am also very open to book swaps or collectives buying the book together.


For those in the UK, the exchange rate differs (on 08.11.23: €30-€60 is £26-£52).

And to ship the book from Netherlands to the UK postage is around €10.

Within Netherlands postage costs vary but collection is also available from Arnhem or possibly Amsterdam. I can give you the book, we can have a coffee.


For more info on the book send me an email.



To order a book, please fill out the form below, I will then send you an email confirming your address details and details to my bank account to be paid online. If you collect the book in person, you can also pay in cash. 

Order a Book 

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