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I am a person with a van.

I sometimes help people move things with my trusty short-wheel-base transit. If you're moving homes, taking items from storage or  need assistance transporting a sofa then I can help. 

My van is especially open to the queer community. Moving can be a stressful and exposing experiencing and I'm a sensitive, friendly face, handling items with care, respect and no judgment. 

I aim to be as transparent as possible, I will help you carry items to and from the van and drive from locations. My pricing is as follows:

Day rate:   £85

Hour rate: £20 

I'll work to an hour rate of £20 an hour but if the job takes over 4 hours then the day rate charge will apply. I am based in Bristol so for moving things around Bristol I will not charge for fuel. I'm happy to travel outside of Bristol but a fuel rate of 50p per mile will apply. I can discount these prices for those in need. 

I'm just one person with one van, I will be open with what I can offer and what I charge.


Please get in touch with any questions! 



Ryan has helped me move, the last three times I have moved house. I couldn't think of anyone better to help me. Moving is stressful, especially as a queer person it can be extra anxiety inducing, and knowing you are doing it with another queer person makes a massive difference. Ryan is kind, supportive and friendly, but above all things, Ryan is extremely patient. in my experience, it's his patience that turns a stressful day into a very fun day!

- Danny Prosser 

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