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Mark your happiness with a little yellow sticker. 


Every day, no matter what we are going through, we experience small moments of happiness.  #MoreOfTHISPlease is a project where people are sent little yellow stickers and are invited to stick down a sticker marking these small, every day, mundane, benign yet beautiful moments of happiness. 


It’s completely up to individuals as to how they use their stickers. It might be:



This is a small marker of individual positivity at a difficult time for all of us.  A tiny dot of light in the darkness. The stickers are biodegradable and brandished with the unifying message of #MoreOfTHISPlease. Should an individual feel like they wish to share their moment of positivity with others online, they can by taking a picture of their sticker in situé, uploading it to social media and using the hashtag #MoreOfTHISPlease. Sharing moments online is not compulsory, individuals can use the stickers just for themselves, this is all about individual moments of happiness! 


  • Reading a sentence in a book that makes you smile.

  • A view that reminds you of a friend.  

  • A nice brew.

  • A day trip to Bernard Castle. 

The project is free and for everybody. If you would like some stickers click on the “Get Involved” page to find out how to get some.

I first started the project in 2016, it was a difficult year; Bowie was dead, there was the divisive EU referendum and Trump was rising. In the middle of the year I sat down in a wonderful coffee shop with my bother and good friend. Suddenly we heard a ‘pop’. Maybe it sounded like a party popper because we were in such a good mood but this got us thinking. Why don’t we celebrate everyday moments that make us happy? #MoreOfTHISPlease was born. 

I’ve brought the project back at this time because I think people need to focus in on the small bits of positivity around them. It’s not about shutting out negativity or turning our backs on the current crisis, It is however about addressing small moments with a simple act. 

 At a time where we can’t meet up with friends or touch our loved ones, at a time where thousands are dying and front line key workers and hospital staff are risking their lives daily. It’s easy to lose sight of the small moments that make us smile each and every day. The project will last only 6 months. By the 1st of December 2020 we will be in a different, unknown place but hopefully a better one.

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Original concept:  Ciarán Hodgers, Kieran O'Shea, Ryan O'Shea

Illustrations: Kieran O'Shea

Special thanks to: The Green Label Co, MAYK 

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