A sea of yellow stickers spills across a city.


Yellow stickers brandished with one unifying message; #MoreOfTHISPlease. These stickers have been placed by people for a reason, a celebration of everyday enjoyment personal to an individual. In a world increasingly filled with dark, negative rhetoric #MoreOfTHISPlease is an attempt to celebrate what makes us smile, however small, however mundane. By placing a sticker, we are marking this personal and intimate moment, we are saying ‘well done’ for making us just a tiny bit happier, we are saying we would like more of this type of thing in our lives, we are saying #MoreOfTHISPlease.


The project started when I was sitting in a wonderful coffee shop and bakery in Bristol with a very good friend and my brother. Suddenly we heard a ‘pop’. Maybe it sounded like a party popper because we were in such a good mood but this got us thinking. Why don’t we celebrate everyday moments that make us happy?, sitting with friends enjoying good coffee, walking past a view that makes you unselfconsciously smile, laughing with a stranger on a bus stop about the timing of buses. We thought about how we can celebrate such moments, how they can be unifying in some way.


The message #MoreOfTHISPlease is a hashtag that can be shared online by hundreds of people at once and a sticker is a personal discreet marker and by combining these formats we can all share moments of mundane happiness, read each other’s examples of things that make them smile and physically see happiness everywhere we go. We will hopefully begin to see stickers on strange objects and start to wonder what moment of happiness happened here. We will look online at the hashtag feed on Twitter and Instagram and see various examples of personal happiness. We invite everyone who wishes to be involved in the project to post images of the stickers they have placed online with a comment of what made them smile. You can see the twitter hashtag feed on the right of this page. 


The hope is that people will start to get behind this unifying message and start placing these stickers across towns and cities.  The message is vague, the message holds significance to an individual, marking their personal happiness but also holds significance to everyone that sees it and to everyone else willing to stick down their own stickers.


For the project to work people need stickers, I will therefore send 25 stickers to anyone, completely free. To get your mitts on the sticks just send an email to RyanOSheaTheatre@outlook.com with the subject line #MoreOfTHISPlease and include the address you wish to receive the stickers at in the email. Then get sticking at the things that make you smile!



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